Unsolicited comments from clients:

"Barry is a top notch professional sound tech. He will get the best sound possible. Take my word on that."
-Charles Schoen and the Del Counts

"Thank YOU Barry Watson! We had a GREAT time and you made us sound FANTASTIC! Tedd Bullock, Tim Kletti and Billy Wesp ...we all appreciate you!"
-Linda (Arena)

"Barry, millions and millions of thanks for your dedicated hard work and over the top effort to get me and the band going on Sat. night. With all the issues stacked up against us, we pulled it off because of you and all your hard work. I personally want to thank you and will give you a call to work with the band at future gigs. I understand our demands and scope of work was greater than you’ve perhaps had to do before for others…. Again thanks a million."
-Greg (Retro Groove)

"I know why Barry is in demand, he completely rocks. One of the best vocal mixes on the planet."
-Leni (Ten 13 Entertainment + Bad Animals)

"Thanks again for putting together an AMAZING stage, lights and sound! It was the best I've ever experinced seriously. The guys and I in Top Jimmy were just giddy throughout that entire performance!"

"...thanks for being the best sound man ever."
-Jo Ann (Fire Rose)

"You did a great job! Everything sounded good, it was not to loud and I did not have a headache. You are a master at your craft Barry"
-Shena (Millennia)

"We were blessed with a beautiful day.... We met so many wonderful people and Barry Watson on sound was incredible!"
-Kenny (Darlene and the Boys)

"We are thrilled with the recording and mix quality of the show. nicely done! I wish that we had found you sooner..."
-Bobbi (The Entertainment Machine)

"Thanks for doing a great job on Friday night, the stage mix was great..."
-Craig (SnaggleToof)

"We would like to take a second to extend a thank you to Barry at Soundthrust for a GREAT job running sound on Saturday. It made our night SO much easier dealing with such a friendly and skilled sound company."

"AWESOME JOB -- Just wanted to give you my sincere thanks for a hell of a job last night."
-Dan (When you're strange, Doors tribute)

"I appreciate the excellent work you do of mixing us, and you are a joy to work with!"
-Lewis (Bad Animals)

"Barry---great job last night, especially considering a new band and unknown system (which turned out to be partially blown); Brian the manager of Dixies was especially pleased and impressed with how everything sounded---so, thanks---we got two more bookings out of last night..."
-Jim (Crosstown)

"Great sound!! I mean really really good! Would live to work with you again. Thanks again Barry."
-Dave (Steel Orchid)

"No doubt, Barry is the best soundguy in the Twin Cities"
-Rick (Power Merchant)

"I really appreciate how Barry makes us sound...."
-Susan (Crosstown)

"Barry does a great job and is a real pro!"
-Jeff (Shalo Lee and The Rush River Band)

"I'll most definitely be passing your name around the events people around here, would definitely love to work with y'all again."
-Alex (St John's University)

"I can hear everything! We've never had such a clear sounding mix."
-Maria (Kick the Dog)

"Hey Barry, You are one of the best soundguys I have heard. I would love to work with you again sometime!!"
-Shena (Steel Orchid)

"Top notch job Barry. Rob has been playing for 20 plus years and he said that was the first time he didn’t have to ask for a monitor adjustment. Several of my friends said that was the best sound we have had."
-Todd (Way Back Whens)

"...the sound was GREAT! Got a lot of good feedback!! "Much better than [other engineer]."
"Very pleasant and easy to work with."
"All the bands sounded great."
-Doug (Def Replica)

"You and Cynthia did such an Awesome and Professional job on Saturday! Thank you both for all your patience and hard work! It really helps us to be on top of our game when we know the sound and lights are covered! You are both a blessing to work with and we look forward to some Kick Ass shows in the future! "
-Rick (Raging Wood)

"Barry Watson is the only guy I've had to-date get my monitor sound good!"
-Tom (Wicked Sensation)

"You certainly went above and beyond my expectations... your assistance took a lot of the load off of me."
-Steve (Headband)

"... this mix is AWESOME! And I never say the mix is awesome."
-Laura (Joyride)

"Barry... you're worth every penny."
-Brad (Bones Gang)

"We like working with you, and everyone has been complimenting the sound mix."
-Marie (Fire Rose)

"You are truly a professional and great at what you do...I'll be in touch and definitely refer you!"
-Chris Shaw

"Let me reiterate how much we appreciate you being there with your gear. I hated giving you a paltry $xxx... You deserve much more..."
-Pat (Headband)

"We've worked with six soundguys, and you are by far the best!"
-East River Rock

"Perfect Sound!"
-Todd (Lucky 13 pub)

"Thank you again! Considering the room, sounded really good! Appears like she will want us to play there again..."
-Doug (Crash Course)

"You are the man Barry, when it comes to clear mind blowing sound and knowing what it takes to make it happen, nobody comes up with the solution like you do."
-Pat D.


Live audio services

I want you to sound great, so I provide freelance soundguy-for-hire service.

A great sounding show is a delicate balance. A good engineer will deliver the kind of pleasant yet impactful full-sounding show that showcases your band's talent, excites the audience, and helps to get you repeat bookings.

Over the last 40+ years I've mixed many groups both live and in-studio.
I enjoy rock, jazz, blues, country, acoustic, heavy-metal, classical and corporate speech gigs.

As a sound scientist, I engineer shows from both a technical and artistic perspective.
I know acosutics, I know the math for proper loudspeaker design, I repair electronics, I program computers.

Most importantly I respect the music and listen with a critical ear.

You've worked hard on your art, I believe it should be delivered to your audience sounding the very best it can be.

Want a high quality live recording of your show? I can do that!

Need sound services? Check my availability.

Sound services provided for many groups and venues, including:

  • Lady Luck
  • Bad Animals (Heart Tribute)
  • Transit Authority (Chicago Tribute)
  • Julie Roberts (Ain't Skeerd Records - Nashville)
  • The Corn Palace (Mitchell, SD)
  • Bobaflex
  • Shalo Lee and The Rush River Band
  • Hitchville
  • Millennia
  • Drama Queen
  • Jezebelle
  • Thrift Store Sonata
  • Standard Protocol
  • Scottie Miller Band
  • Moors & McCumber
  • Hounds of Finn
  • Rhino
  • Bones Gang
  • The Delcounts
  • The Rockin' Hollywoods
  • The Melismatics
  • Fire Rose
  • Knight Crawler
  • Urban Myth
  • Art Kistlers: Forever Elvis the Spirit Lives
  • The Way Back Whens
  • Darlene and the Boys
  • Snagletoof
  • MN State Fair
  • Wicked Sensation
  • Killwire
  • Dream League
  • Krush
  • Distilled
  • Medina Ballroom
  • Big Toe and the Jam
  • Retro Groove
  • Bed of Roses (Bon Jovi Tribute)
  • GRiND
  • Steel Orchid
  • Smiling Politely
  • Harrison Street
  • Black Flood Diesel
  • Piranha
  • Half Shattered
  • Wasted Talent
  • 80HD
  • Georgia Clay
  • Top Jimmy
  • Crown Jewels
  • Fistful of Ladies
  • Coxmen
  • Breakneck Delivery
  • Mojo Monks
  • I-Witness
  • Poisoned
  • Switch
  • Blackout
  • Raging Wood
  • Epic
  • One - Metallica Tribute
  • Thieves Carnival
  • Utter Chaos
  • Beautiful Trigger
  • Arena
  • Jaded
  • Chain Lightning
  • City Knights
  • Shag
  • Sugar Benders
  • Rewind
  • Brute Squad
  • 100 Watt Jones
  • Nuisance Crew
  • TNT - AC/DC Tribute
  • vita.mn / Star Tribune
  • Todd Hart and the Hooligans
  • Woman's Club of Minneapolis
  • Estate DJ's
  • Davina and the Vagabonds
  • Cadillac Kolstad
  • BadNrad (Jake Sullivan)
  • Stillwater Summer Tuesday events
  • Kurt Jorgensen
  • Blurry
  • Audio Circus
  • Farmers Daughters
  • Rabbi Rock
  • The Deep Freeze
  • Rock Blox
  • Joyride
  • Under Cover
  • Shirts and Skins
  • Yasen Marie
  • Venus on Fire
  • Crosstown
  • Wolves at the Door
  • Stricken
  • Theory of Relativity
  • Blue Felix
  • Strate Jak-it
  • Heavens Gate
  • 14 Clicks
  • Sweet Stache
  • Claim Stakers
  • Bellebottom
  • Small Town Anthem
  • Suite 1-A
  • D. Miller Band
  • Stricken
  • Headband
  • FlatRate
  • Gash Blood
  • Amused to Death
  • Solid Gold Band
  • Michael Peoples
  • Beyond Forever
  • Say Lovey
  • The Entertainment Machine
  • When You're Strange
  • Six String Playground
  • Star Bar
  • Rockers Lament
  • Doughboys
  • Trendz
  • Wyatt Anderson
  • TempoCatz
  • Icehole
  • Def Replica
  • Dixies on Grand
  • Brian Mac
  • Twin Cities Uke Orchestra
  • Pete Neuman & Real Deal
  • East River Rock
  • Chris Shaw
  • Sean E Cash
  • Crash Course
  • No Shame
  • Lust Muscle
  • Contenders Band
  • Slipperys Bar
  • Tippin' Over
  • Majority Rules
  • Titanium Snail Glazers
  • Clairvoyant
  • Maxx Bar
  • Cryptic
  • 3rd Supply
  • 20 Dollar Love
  • Power Merchant
  • BeerBears
  • Free Fallin
  • CynPhil
  • Adrenalyze
  • Rockville
  • Dog Bastard
  • Paulie T and the Blues Blasters
  • Leah Marie King
  • Brothers Loyalty
  • Dust and Bones
  • Jim Reynolds Foundation
  • Blazeman Foundation
  • MLC Band
    ... and more!

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