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Engineered audio solutions by...

Barry Watson, with over 25 years of experience in pro-audio, live sound reinforcement, and recording.

Located near Stillwater MN and serving the Twin Cities metro region.

Live Sound Reinforcement
Quality sound services for bands, groups, or corporate functions that are looking for excellent sound on a budget.

Articulate and consistent sound
for shows both large and small.

If you have your own sound system and just need someone with experience to operate it, or would like some hands-on assistance or advice, I can also do that.

Location Recording
Performances are special moments. It's easy to record a live performance, but making a quality recording that really showcases your work requires a level of expertise and equipment many artists lack.

Do you need...?

...A good quality live demo for your EPK to help you get more gigs?

...Your live show recorded, for your review, so you can hear the band as the audience does?

...Your child's performance saved as more than a mere memory?

...To preserve history, to record an important family story?

...Media conversion?

I use excellent and compact mobile digital multi-track recording equipment, studio-class microphones, and have the experience needed to get the best results possible.

I don't try to compete with high-budget world-class studios, I don't do extensive post-production, but I can offer excellent and affordable results while recording at your comfortable location, or at a live performance.

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